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The Midnight Drifter takes the Listener through a three-phase dream process. It begins by The Drifter just laying down for bed, transitioning to being completely asleep and then Drifting out of the dream state back into consciousness after the dream/sleep is over. The Midnight Drifter has a lot of onion layers that can be studied for lifetimes for further understanding, however, those layers are left to be explored and interpretation formed by the Listener. This is a concept album in the sense that a concept is presented, and left for the Listeners to ponder or Drift on, however, its abstract nature leaves much to be desired. The live nature of the various compositions brings about a sense of real-time (happening now) to the Drift, while the smooth melodic compositions allow The Drifter to flow effortlessly through each state of consciousness and never really feel as though they have drifted too far from themselves to bring about a significant disturbance to their sleep.

Duality in balance is essential in understanding the true essence of this album. From lyrics, to music to the sonic qualities of The Midnight Drifter, certain elements present themselves obviously, while others will reveal themselves in due time. The theme creates the contrast of darkness to light, while it leads The Drifter to believe that they may have found light at the end of the tunnel/ dream state, it can be missed that the entire day of light is still ahead of them the next morning. As the album progresses The Drifter will find that the travel through each song is almost a dream, within a dream, within a dream, within a dream. The Midnight Drifter is an archetype for everyone that has ever had questions about life, and as so, will leave The Drifter to wonder if the beginning of the dream is ending or if the ending of the dream is just beginning.

On this journey you are asked only to listen. You may form an opinion for or against, however, to have an opinion you must first be open. Their is something to be learned from this then. Even in what we hate, we can find something we love. You are asked to be open, honest and trusting of yourself on this path, and it is therefore with great humility, and well wishes that Timeless Classic Music present you with The Sleepwalker EP to follow the path of The Midnight Drifter LP.

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