• Image of The Sleepwalker EP (Collector Edition Memorablia)

Are you a collector of rare antiquities? Do you have things in your private collection that the world only wishes that they could look at? If so, this is the next thing you must have in your collection.

This is a true Timeless Collector Edition piece of memorabilia- (G)nosis has created an authentic lane true of its own, and as such is taking the world by storm.

This is an Official Autographed copy of The Sleepwalker EP (his first solo album release in a decade) that was personally designed by (G)nosis Timeless, which rests safely within a black frame, protected by a thick piece of custom glass, and can be displayed in a private or public space, on the wall or off. This breath-taking piece comes Officially with a certificate of authenticity. As important pieces of our history become memorablia over time to be passed on to the next generation, this has already proven it will fall no short of that feat. Do not miss out!

*Only 108 Custom Frames Will Ever Be Made*